For the ultimate sex appeal you definitely can't go wrong wearing a gorgeous silk or lace babydoll nightie. The tight fitting top and alluring flared skirt drive men wild and you'll be guaranteed to give just the right air of mystery to really captivate your partner.

Choose a sleek silky design babydoll that gives you an innocent and girly air that's topped off with delicate and seductive lace and thrills. The silk is clingy and satiny to really hug your figure and show it off, but the fact that it's full and covering will give you that extra element of tease and sensuality. Or, if you want to be a little more daring with your babydolls, choose a completely see through option made from coloured net or lace to cheekily give a flash of your assets. Some of the really racy options even have peep holes in the cups that only just cover certain... elements with a cleverly placed bow or ribbon!

There's such a wide range of fabrics and colours that will suit any personality and look and you can choose a cheeky vintage look, a lacy and exquisite burlesque effect or a simple yet stunning plain colour design in satin, lace, or even soft to the touch velvet.

The babydoll style of lingerie is such a classic look that men of all kinds will absolutely adore, whilst still leaving you feeling comfortable and not to exposed if you're feeling shy. Because they feature a longer skirt section that flows down from the cups they are flattering to all kinds of shapes and figures, so any woman can love herself and be worshipped in babydolls. Some of the tighter options are on offer and are almost like a Basque with some of the styles. However, whatever you're looking for there'll always be a babydoll to suit you- some are classy, some are sexy, some are girly, and some are certainly not the kind you'd show your mother!